Lego Hotel Blog

We recently stayed at the Legoland hotel in Florida.  There are currently two options, the Legoland hotel and the beach resort. The beach resort is located abut 2 miles away from the park.  In 2020 there will be third option, Legoland Pirate Island hotel.

The Legoland Hotel is located within walking distance of the entrance to the park.  There is a private entrance for hotel guests.  The hotel has a number of different themed rooms.  We stayed in the pirate themed room.  There are also Adventure, Kingdom, Lego Friends and Lego Movie themed rooms.

The room we stayed in had a separate bunk bed area for kids and a queen bed for adults.  This was a great way for the kids to have there own area with a TV.  There is a dedicated Lego TV channel, which played Lego movies while we were there.  One of our favorites in the room is a scavenger hunt for the kids.  There is a safe in the room that is locked when you arrive.   Our son had a great time trying to solve the scavenger hunt to gain the code that opens the safe.  We were there on Easter weekend so the safe was full of Easter goodies.    The hotel room was very clean and had great decoration with Lego models throughout.

The hotel itself has a Lego play area in the lobby.  There is a Lego castle play area which also hosts a number of activities for younger kids.  These are best suited for kids 3 to 7.   There was a Lego themed treasure hunt party and a pajama dance party at bedtime the night we were there.  There is also a great brick family restaurant, which for a very reasonable cost, had a great evening buffet.  There were plenty of choices for both adults and kids.  There is also a bar style restaurant called the Skyline Lounge, which we eat at for lunch, and was a little more pricey, but again the food was good.

There is a good sized pool, however it doesn’t have any water slides or much to do apart from a lot of floating Lego bricks.  Our favorite evening activity was being able to make s’mores out on the fire by the lake.  You can purchase a s'more kit that as enough for four s’mores.   Breakfast is included in the price of the hotel room and was buffet style, you can make your own omelets.  There was again a good selection of items to choose from.   Overall the hotel was great, there are some very fun things for the kids such as the disco elevator, with both music and lights, which was a hit with all the kids.   We also completed a Lego workshop which included making a Lego ladybug.

We were also there shortly after the opening of the new Lego Movie World.   There are three new rides, Masters of Flight, UniKitty Disco Drop and Battle of Bricksburg.  There is also a play area, a restaurant and some stores.  Our favorite was the  Masters of Flight which is a flying theater attraction where guests join Master Builders on a Triple Decker Flying Couch transporting riders all over THE LEGO® MOVIE™ universe.  If you ride Battle of Bricksburg be prepared to get very, very wet.  Overall, the land is a great addition to the park.  Most rides in the park area geared to a younger audience, the idea age being 3-7 to best enjoy the rides and attractions.  We also spent hours walking around Miniworld looking at all the models.

May 24th, 2019